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Fly off to Amsterdam on Korean Air at this sensational price

What an iconic starting point for any European holiday – you can easily connect to Paris, London, Rome or Prague by train, flight or hire car.

Would you like me to work out the best possible price for your particular dates and party size? (No obligation).

This fare is based on flights to Amsterdam, but there are many others to choose from – including London, Paris, Frankfurt, Prague, Rome, Vienna, Istanbul, Madrid, Zurich or Barcelona.
– add this to a tour or cruise deal and that’s one good looking holiday right there

Ticketing on this fare : 21 JUNE 2017~31AUGUST 2017
For flights departing: 01 JULY 2017~14 JULY 2017, 21 AUGUST 2017~30 NOVEMBER 2017, 18 JANUARY 2018~30 APRIL 2018
Note: an overnight stopover may be needed in Seoul
Prices are based on internet transfer of funds, differing dates and destinations will result in a changed price – but still on sale!

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